Russian Economist Comments LaRouche’s Solution to Fed Bankruptcy

В.Ю. Катасонов комментирует заявление Линдона Ларуша о грядущем банкротстве Федеральной резервной системы. Материал на английском языке.

Economist Valentin Katasonov, a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (the Foreign Ministry university) and head of the S.F. Sharapov Russian Economic Society, addressed the bankruptcy of the entire world financial system, in an article posted Nov. 14 on the website KM.ru.

The U.S. Federal Reserve, Katasonov notes, is overburdened with bad assets, comparing Nov. 2012 and Nov. 2013 figures. Because the Fed’s balance sheet has deteriorated even more rapidly than expected, he thinks it’s «time forBloomberg to commission a new stress test on the Fed!»

He is referring to the study carried out by Bloomberg last February, which applied the same stress test for the banks to the central bank. At the time, the Russian economist writes, almost no one paid attention to the results, with the exception of Lyndon LaRouche.

The LaRouche PAC, founded by «the consistent opponent of the Fed Lyndon LaRouche,» had reacted promptly, saying that the Fed fully shared in the bankruptcy of Wall Street and the City of London. «In view of this situation and the prospect that the Fed was entering its death throes, LaRouche PAC put forward a slogan in favor of establishing a National Bank of the USA, which would be subordinated to the government and would act in strict compliance with the Constitution, which, as is well known, provides for Congress to have sole authority over monetary emission.»

Earlier this month, Prof. Katasonov continued his series of articles on bail-in and Glass-Steagall matters, in a two-part analysis for the Strategic Culture Foundation. There, he established a crucial idea for his readers: that there is a faction of «the U.S. elite» that is fighting Wall Street. He named Lyndon LaRouche, first and foremost, as representative of that faction, mentioning also Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul, as well as evidence that «officers in the Pentagon» fall into this grouping.

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