Tehran Versus Washington: From Defensive to Offensive

Английская версии статьи «Тегеран против Вашингтона: от обороны к наступлению» Following the Iran nuclear deal, Washington announced it would begin lifting economic sanctions against Tehran. Iranian banks were allowed to reconnect to the SWIFT communications network, which handles international payment transactions, the ban on Iranian oil exports was lifted, and …

Negative Interest Rates — the Path to Cashless Paradise

Английский перевод Актуального комментария «Путь в безналичный рай» (русский текст — здесь). Question from the editor: Recently The Wall Street Journal again sounded the theme of negative interest rates in Europe. Valentin Yuryevich, is this a new stage in this story?

The Orthodox Nationalist: Valentine Katasonov and the Occult History of Capitalism

От Редакции. Американский медиевист профессор Мэтью Рафаэль Джонсон кратко представляет взгляд Председателя РЭОШ В.Ю. КАТАСОНОВА на капитализм на сайте The Daily Stormer. Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson represents the views of Cahairman of Russian Economic Society on The Daily Stormer site.

The SWIFT System: A Potential Weapon in the Hybrid War

Английский перевод статьи «Система SWIFT может стать оружием в гибридной войне» (первоисточник — здесь) на сайте Voltairenet.org. The economic and financial sanctions against Russia have highlighted the role of SWIFT in the US control of international monetary exchange. If Russia has already put in place, at national level, its own system, no …